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Below is a list of some of our donors: find out how to join them here!

Aurora Ailincai and the Council of Europe, Dale Ahlquist, Steve Aylett, Harrod Blank, Betty Baer, George and Patricia Barilla, Rosemary Barilla and Kevin Deuschle, Denika Blacklock, Evan Bwala, Arbër Çeliku, Michelle Cicic, Tiffany Couser, Benny Gaughran, David Gaughran, Gary Coghlan, Gerard Gallucci, Jessica Gaughran, Kate Gaughran, Mary Gaughran, Jerome Guehenneau, Mrs. Jane Grube, Mrs. Debra Wester Grube, Aida Guillen, Florent Hajrizi, Carolyn Hammer & Andrew Sodroski, Besnik Hasanaj, Ms. Heather L. Hecimovich, Jorie Horsthuis, Ardian Hyseni, Mirjam Karoly and Dieter Halwachs, Joe Kazlas, Chris Kemmerer, Kenneth W. Kemp, Haris Kurti, Ms. Peggy J. MacArthur, Alex Laskaris, Tommy Marum, Mr. Patrick M. McCarthy, Alex Melbourne, Natalie Mitchell, Dr. Annemarie Monohan, Margaret and Will Muir, Vladimir Nikolaev, Meredith O'Brien, Karin Oliver, Aimee Patterson, Jennifer Patterson and Karen Watkins, Kathy Pavlick, Don Saccone, Ena Sauer, Ms. Susan Marie Suleski, Silvian Surugiu, Javiera Thais, Teuta Shabani Towler, Ljubisa Velikic, Francesca Vigagni, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Whitehead, Tek Wilson & Kevin Bakos, Beth Wing, Mandy Zeckra, Kasia Zeremba and especially American KFOR and the German Office, Pristina

Major Support provided by the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program and the U.S. Office, Pristina

Corporate donors include:
Market Xhafi and Bookmooch.com

and the many many many generous donors of bookmooch
who have grown too numerous to list on this page. please check the link above for a complete list of all our supporters around the world.