our mission

Blackbird Books’ mission is to provide classic and adventurous modern literature to the people of Mitrovicë/a in an environment designed to foster dialogue and combat the emigration of artistically-inclined young adults from our community.
• We will emphasize culture as a part of everyday life by integrating literature into a stimulating social environment for young adults.
• We will promote dialogue with a diverse range of literary forms, from classics to modern graphic novels and self-published zines, in English, Albanian and Serbian.
• We will emphasize gender equality and provide literary resources for young women by featuring works that highlight the literary potential of women.
• We will use profits to support cross-organizational artistic collaborations and other cultural endeavors in both north and south Mitrovicë/a.
• We will utilize our extensive non-profit arts organization management experience to establish ourselves as a social and cultural destination in Mitrovicë/a that attracts talented youth and hinders the cultural “brain drain” from our city and region.