why we need books

Mitrovicë/a is the fourth largest city in Kosovo. Many people consider this city to be particularly emblematic of the region's challenges because of the river that divides the town: currently the north side is predominantly Serbian, and the south side is predominantly Albanian.

Cultural life in Mitrovicë/a has been dramatically affected by the events of the last decade. A lot of good people are doing a lot of good work on that front, but there remains a substantial disconnect between art and everyday life. In particular, cultural organizations in Mitrovicë/a are principally located in cultural hubs: university and cultural centers. Young people have little experience with literature or art outside of the classroom setting, and those who may be artistically inclined have few local options for intellectual stimulation. In addition, finding great and exciting literature just isn't that easy. Textbooks and manuals? No problem. Borges and Bukowski? Not so much.